CastleVille Legends


CasteVille Legends Hack Tool v1.6 /iOS and Android/

Game Description

Even if you’ve never tried a city-building game, you’ll be enchanted by Zynga’s beautifully presented fantasy world. Inside this constantly evolving realm, you’ll build towns, craft and sell items, and send heroes on quests—all in an easy-to-play format that still offers plenty of depth. Charming visuals make exploring and expanding your territory all the more entertaining, cementing the game’s appeal for casual players and genre veterans alike.

New hack version is here !

CastleV HT

It’s tested and working fine with last CastleVille Legends version.


This file is protected with survey, because we’ve seen many people overused this program. So we’ve decided to protect the file with survey, to prevent being publish and fast fixed. Also it will limit the number of downloads to people that really need this hack.


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