Andromeda5 Hack Tool v1.3 /iOS and Android/

Game Description

Andromeda 5 is a galaxy without a ruler. Few have entered and left alive. Even the most daring of mercenaries would deem an expedition here as suicide. Take this as your final warning before you enter the galaxy of Andromeda 5…
Explore the beautiful and mysterious galaxy of Andromeda 5, with more than 20+ other galaxies available. Fight anyone from harmless freelancers, traders, and droids, to the deadliest of pirates, assassins and battlecruisers! Choose between 15 different ships and upgrade them with your own weapons and skins. Earn rewards by completing heroic missions – then optimize your ship into the perfect killing machine!

New hack version is here !


It’s tested and working fine with last Andromeda5 version.


This file is protected with survey, because we’ve seen many people overused this program. So we’ve decided to protect the file with survey, to prevent being publish and fast fixed. Also it will limit the number of downloads to people that really need this hack.


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